The Collective Project: Robert Downey Jr. Delivers a Real Bionic Arm

Entry Details

Entrant Company: POSSIBLE, Seattle

Award: Gold

Year: 2015

Medium: Production

Category: Best Live Video Production


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Entrant Company: POSSIBLE, Seattle
Agency: POSSIBLE, Seattle
Creative Agency: POSSIBLE, Seattle
Brand: Microsoft OneNote, Redmond
Client: Microsoft OneNote, Redmond
Editing Company: KVL Editorial, Seattle
Web Development Company: POSSIBLE, Seattle
Media Agency: Razorfish, Seattle
Design Company: POSSIBLE, Seattle
Visual Effects Company: Lightpress, Seattle
Other: Brett Mayfied, Director of Photography, Atlanta, GA
CCO, Americas: Danielle Trivisonno Hawley POSSIBLE, Seattle
Executive Creative Director: Ray Page POSSIBLE, Seattle
Senior Creative Director: Aaron Howe POSSIBLE, Los Angeles
Associate Creative Director: Leif Allen POSSIBLE, Seattle
Copywriter: Sara Hendrickson POSSIBLE, Seattle
Art Director: Julia Kaopua POSSIBLE, Los Angeles
Designer: Kelsie Clegg POSSIBLE, Seattle
Executive Producer: Kristin Roberts POSSIBLE, Los Angeles
VP, Account: Katheryn Grider POSSIBLE, Seattle
SVP, Account: Josh Schmiesing POSSIBLE, Seattle
Program Manager: AJ Riley POSSIBLE, Seattle
Sr. Project Manager: Erin Pionkowski POSSIBLE, Seattle
Associate Director of Strategy: Amanda Nicol POSSIBLE, Seattle
Sr. Media Services Manager: Erin Kelley POSSIBLE, Seattle
Assocaite Director of User Research: Nick Leggett POSSIBLE, Seattle
Senior Director, Office Marketing: Marci Hanan Microsoft, Redmond
Sr. Marketing Manager, Office Marketing: Emilie Bridon Microsoft, Redmond
Sr. Marketing Manager, Office Marketing: David Beauparlant Microsoft, Redmond
Director Of Photography: Brett Mayfield
Editor: Kelly Vander Linda KVL Editorial, Seattle
Color: Jeff Tillotson Lightpress, Seattle
Invisible Effects: Shane Dillon Lightpress, Seattle